Victory – Vindicated By The California Court of Appeals

“The victory benefits investors everywhere by making clear that basic rules of due process do apply in FINRA arbitration”. In August, 2014, I represented Sandra Liebhaber in a FINRA hearing requested by Royal Alliance Associates and its one time financial advisor, Kathleen Tarr. This was an expungement hearing in which Royal Alliance and Tarr asked FINRA to erase any trace of the claim that my client had filed and settled with Royal Alliance. To grant that extraordinary remedy, the FINRA three-person panel had to find essentially that Ms. Liebhaber had filed a false claim. Ms. Liebhaber did not and would not file a false claim, and when I found out about the request, Darlene Pasieczny and I agreed to represent her without charge at the hearing to oppose the expungement. At the hearing, the arbitrators allowed Ms. Tarr to testify that she was a minister’s daughter and had done nothing wrong.

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Aequitas investors go on attack

Banks Talks Aequitas in New Oregonian Article

Samuels Yoelin Kantor attorney Bob Banks was featured again in the Oregonian this Sunday. The article, by Jeff Manning, focuses on the the ongoing Aequitas debacle. Also highlighted in the piece is latest case that Banks filed in Seattle last week for a group of investors who lost $11 million. In the article, Manning states […]

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Contact SYK Investor Defenders Robert Banks and Darlene Pasieczny with your investment concerns

SYK Attorney Robert Banks Speaks Out About Aequitas

Learn more about the issues revolving around Aequitas Investments from attorney Robert Banks, Jr. Banks has over 35 years of experience, and a strong legal team behind him. Please see the information center for more details on this investigation, and contact the Investor Defender legal team for a confidential and complimentary consultation.

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Aequitas Inside Look Article – Banks Quoted

Portland Securities Attorney Robert Banks was quoted today in an Oregonian article that offers one of the first inside looks at the Aequitas situation. “It is absolutely outrageous that a financial adviser would put important client retirement money into promissory notes issued by a company that was already on the ropes,” Banks said. Jeff Manning reports […]

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high return investment

George Merhoff and Energy Stocks – The Investigation Continues

The Investigation of Klamath Falls Financial Advisor George Merhoff Jr. and Cetera Investments, Pacific West Securities, Inc. Continues Customer Concerns Grow About Energy Stock Concentration and George Merhoff Our office continues to investigate Cetera Investments and its representative George Merhoff Jr. Since our last reporting, even more investors have called us to report that they […]

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Energy Stocks: Problems with Cetera Investments and George Merhoff

Investigation: Cetera Investments and George Merhoff At the request of our clients, we are investigating Cetera Investments and its representative George Merhoff Jr. regarding concerns that the investment portfolios held at that firm were overly concentrated in energy stocks. Investors report to us that they have suffered significant losses as a result of having virtually […]

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Three Protections For Pension Funds

Geoff Mulville wrote in an article for the Associated Press printed in The Oregonian on January 24 that pension funds could be damaged by the recent stock market slide. Pension and other retirement funds will best weather the storm when protected by the following three strategies: Proper Asset Allocation Diversification Within Asset Classes Careful Management of […]

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