Update on Meridian Clawback Claims

Investors are reporting to our office that they continue to receive calls and correspondence from the Meridian trustee, Mark Calvert, and his law firm K&L Gates, pressuring investors to pay his settlement demands before June 12. Our clients report that Mr. Calvert continues to refuse to settle for anything less than 100% of the interest payments received by investors, regardless of when the payments were received. Calvert and his lawyers are telling investors that if they do not meet those unreasonable settlement demands, they will be sued and will have to pay the full amounts of their principal Meridian investments, plus interest. The law does not support those threats made to good faith investors.

We have advised Mr. Calvert’s attorneys that we are more than willing to have reasonable settlement discussions to avoid litigation, but our clients will not accede to his hard line and bullying demands. We have clients who are prepared to let the trustee brings his claims, assert their defenses, and allow a judge and jury decide whether they owe any money to the trustee.

Our office is representing Meridian clawback defendants under special fee arrangements. We are happy to discuss our arrangements with any Meridian clawback victims. Our toll free number is 800-647-8130