Investment Losses in Oil, Gas, and Energy Driving Down Your Retirement Savings?

You might have a claim to recover your loss in oil, gas, or energy stocks.

If you have concerns about the effect that oil, gas and energy stocks and investments are having on your retirement savings, we are happy to provide a free and confidential review of whether claims may exist based on your investments, and whether you have a right to recover your losses.

Investments in oil and gas stocks and partnerships have taken a real hit lately. Energy stocks in general have as well. However, if your financial advisor has properly allocated and diversified your retirement savings, you should not see a significant decline in your savings because of these investments. That is because oil, gas and energy stocks should only represent a small portion of your retirement savings, unless you specifically instructed your advisor to overweight your savings with those investments.

We have received calls from very concerned investors this month, who tell us that their accounts have lost 50% or more in value in recent months. The reason is that they were grossly over-concentrated in energy stocks. We have been retained to investigate and file claims against advisers who have invested too much of their clients’ savings into the energy sector. Among others, we are investigating portfolios managed by Cetera Advisors and George Merhoff, based in Colorado and Oregon, respectively.

Since 1985 Bob Banks Jr. has fought on behalf of investors nationwide in court and FINRA arbitration. He leads the Investor Defenders team at Samuels Yoelin Kantor, LLP. He has represented many investors on claims to recover investment losses resulting from over-concentrations. If you’ve lost money in an investment, or if you have concerns about the conduct of your financial adviser, he will speak with you directly. Please contact us or call our office at 800-647-8130.

The North American Securities Administrators Association Nation (NASAA) and the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) have published the linked informational articles about energy stocks. Please understand, while filing a complaint with these agencies is helpful for future investors, it is not likely to result in any loss recovery for you, and it does not stop the applicable statutes of limitation from running. Those time periods do not stop running until a lawsuit or FINRA arbitration claim is filed.