Investor Alert: Kevin Winder Lesson – Beware of Promised High Return Investments

Oregonian article alerts investors to the dangers of high return investments

Securities attorney Robert Banks and Chief of Enforcement at the Division of Finance and Corporate Securities Consumer & Business Services Department (DFCS), Van Pounds,  were both quoted in Molly Young’s recent Oregonian article about high return investments and Salem investment adviser Kevin Winder.  Winder lost his license for selling promissory notes to clients in businesses in which he had a personal  interest. Misrepresenting investments is not a new storyline, but it is uniquely tragic for every new set of victims. You can read the full story here.

Use caution when advisors recommend alternative Investments with high return rates

As a general rule Banks says, “If you can’t sell your investment at will, and you can’t find out its true value on any given day, then you should avoid it. Some private investments are certainly legitimate, but so many of them involve far more risk than the investor understands. Don’t risk it unless you really understand the potential for loss.”

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