Our investigations involve extensive evaluations. This list includes just some of the securities products, companies, and advisors that we have researched. If you have concerns about an investment or advisor, please contact our office for a free and confidential evaluation of your situation.

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Were you a client of broker Daniel Noah Winger?
Were you a client of broker Jameson Jeewon Shin?
What Does it Mean for Investors? LPL Financial Settlement $26 Million
George Merhoff and Energy Stocks – The Investigation Continues
Investor Alert: Kevin Winder Lesson – Beware of Promised High Return Investments
LPL’s Trail of REIT Sales Draws Complaints – Recover your LPL Loss
FINRA Sanctions Oppenheimer $3.75 Million for Failure to Supervise Ex-Broker Mark Hotton
Energy Investments
Master Private Equity Fund
James Scott McKee & Steve Mastern/aPrivate Placement
Municipal Bonds
Fidelity, Merrill Lynch, Edward Jones, and othersBonds
Aequitas Products
SWS Financial Services Variable Annuities
SWS Financial ServicesVariable Annuities
Barclays Bank Delaware Certificates of Deposit Linked to the Performance of the Q-GSP Large Cap US Risk Controlled 5% USD ER Index due February 28, 2019
Barclays Bank Delaware06740ARV3Structured CDs
American Realty Capital Properties Inc., (NASDAQ: ARCP)
02917T104Real Estate Investment Trust
Inland American Non-Traded Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs)
Inland American Real Estate Trust, Inc.314308107Non-Traded REITs
Contingent Income Auto-Callable Securities due September 5, 2013, Based on the Performance of the Common Stock of Apple Inc.
Morgan Stanley46637G322Reverse Convertible Notes (RevCon)
Behringer Harvard REIT I Inc
Behringer Harvard REIT I, Inc.077249100Non-traded REIT
Callable Variable Rate Range Accrual CDs Linked to 6-Month USD LIBOR and the S&P 500 Index Due August 31, 2027
JPMorganChase48124JHT8Structured CDs
Hines Global REIT
Hines Securities433240108Non-Traded REITs
Cole Credit Property Trust III
Cole Propertiesn/aTraded REITs
Wells Timberland REIT
Wells Capitial950044107Non-Traded TEITs
Cornerstone Industrial Properties Leveraged Fund Advisors, LLC
Pacific Cornerstone Capitaln/aPrivate Placement
Hartford Director M Variable Annuity (multiple series)
Hartford Financial Services Groupn/aVariable Annuity
SunAmerica Polaris Retirement Protector
General American Life Insurance Companyn/aVariable Annuity
Hartford Leaders Outlook Variable Annuity (multiple series)
Hartford Financial Services Groupn/aVariable Annuity
AXA Equitable Accumulator Series
AXA Equitable Life Insurance Companyn/aVariable Annuity
UBS Puerto Rico Bond Fund
Merrill Lynch and others7447907106Bond Funds
SWS Financial Services Faces FINRA Charges For Improperly Supervised Sales Of Variable Annuities
How Brokerage Reports Are Like Swiss Cheese
Felony Charges for Walter & Kelly Ng, but Can Investors get Their Money Back?
Adorean Boleancu – In Trouble With FINRA And In Court
FINRA Disciplinary Action: Cline, Burr, Christopher, Gillelan
Alert – Bankers Life Annuity
FINRA Disciplinary Actions: Stephen Pizzuti
FINRA Disciplinary Actions: John W. DuBrule
FINRA Disciplinary Actions: Kevin A. Tuttle
FINRA Disciplinary Actions: Ormond Hart Ormsby
Complex VAs Draw SEC’s Attention
Senate Launches Pension-Buying Probe
New Investigation Into Possible South Dakota Ponzi Scheme
Investigation Into Scott McKee Expands
$7.8 Million Dollar Jury Verdict For Client